November 2016 - Traveling Cats - Travel Pictures of Cats

Cat from Petra {Jordan}

petra jordan feral cats
cats of petra jordan

Meet the cat that guards the pink city of Petra, Jordan

My friends from the travel blog Far Away at Home just got back from a trip to Jordan and sent me these pictures of the cat that guards the entrance to the canyon nearby Petra's historical site.

Famous for its rock-cut architecture and secret chambers, Petra is on many a traveler's bucket list. Several feral cats are lucky to call this World Heritage location their permanent home. The cat in these pictures is the most photographed of all. He truly is the guardian of the pink city.

“This cat loved to cuddle,” says Werner Gladines from Far Away at Home. “Until a dog came by. You'll notice in the last pictures that he looks very alert.”

Have you visited the historical site of Petra, Jordan? Did you see the feral cats?

petra jordan historical site
petra pink city
petra feral cats
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wary cat

Cats from Tokyo {Japan}

neko yanaka

What could be more fitting than a cemetery post for All Saints' Day?  This photo series by Alexandre Bonnefoy was taken at the Yanaka Cemetery in Tokyo, Japan, and appeared in the book Neko Land.

“The Yanaka Cemetery and the surrounding streets, south of the Nippori station in Tokyo, are the mark of a large number of cats. The area is even known for this, and many small shops are overflowing with cat-related products. When the sun sets, the cats can be found in large numbers at the cemetery to hold a siesta on the tombs.”

neko yanaka cemetery
yanaka cemetery
cemetery tokyo yanaka
tokyo cemetery
yanaka cemetery tokyo

yanaka cemetery tokyo