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Cats from Rovinj {Croatia}

rovinj cat

With its picturesque harbor along the Adriatic Sea, it is easy to see why the pretty city of Rovinj in Croatia is referred to as the "Venice of of Istria.” A few centuries of Venetian rule has left its elegant mark on the city's architecture, and its close proximity to Venice has led to a steady flow of ocean traffic between the two cities. In fact, it makes great sense to book a stay in Rovinj and combine it with a daytrip to Venice.

rovinj croatia

Rovinj and the whole Istrian peninsula is a fascinating part of Croatia. Its history represents many layers from different eras. You will find yourself within easy reach of dinosaur footprints, prehistoric cave and mound sites, Roman ruins, Byzantine churches, and, more recently, the summer residence of one of the old stalwart communist rulers.

hiding cat

For cat lovers, it's also a dream come true. Rovinj is home to an unbelievable number of stray cats which you are more than likely to encounter in your travels. They will beg for their supper every night in front of the local cafes and block your way on the street to get your attention.

rovinj croatia
alley in rovinj croatia

Cat pictures: vicca / Text: Rovinj and the Istria Peninsula, Croatia Travel Guide

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Cats from Eftalou {Lesbos}

eftalou lesbos island

Perched on the side of a hill, the Sunrise Resort in Eftalou, Lesbos, consists of two swimming pools and several houses with each four apartments overseeing the Aegean Sea. As the hotel is only surrounded by nature, most people go here for the calm and silence. Others, however, book the Sunrise Resort for... the hotel cats.

There's 1 mom with 4 kittens, 1 mom with 1 kitten, and 1 male and female couple. They call the hotel their home, even though the tourists are the ones who feed them. The adult cats are social but the kittens are a little shy. They dare to approach the tourists but they don't like to be touched.

Would you like to stay at the Sunrise Resort in Efalou, Lesbos? You can book here.

eftalou cats
eftalou ginger cat
eftalou lesbos
eftalou sunrise resort
sunrise resort eftalou
eftalou white cat
eftalou sunrise hotel cats
eftalou lesbos cats

Text and pictures: Stephan Jankovic

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Cat from Davie {USA}

second hand edition book shop davie florida

He was old, irritable, unhealthy, and miserable at the shelter. Now he's the happy guardian of the Second Edition Book Shop in Davie, Florida, and cares for every customer that walks in.

Meet Catsby, the 14-year-old book shop cat!

second hand edition bookshop florida
second hand edition book shop davie

“Catsby was older and incredibly unfriendly towards other animals. He came with a lot of health issues and emotional baggage,” says Danielle Joy Whatley. As an animal lover, she knew that cats like Catsby would most likely be overlooked at the shelter. Her book shop was a perfect place for him.

“When I got him, he needed a massive amount of eye surgery,” Danielle explains. He had Entropion, a rare condition in cats which causes an inward rolling of the eyelid edges. “It probably explains why he was grumpy. He was constantly living in discomfort.”

cat and child reading

Once this ginger feline moved into the Second Edition Book Shop and had his eyes fixed up, his behavior changed.

“He literally thrived and blossomed under our customers' attention. I don't think an hour goes by where he's not with somebody. He goes down the aisle, follows people, and rubs on their ankles to make sure they know he's there,” Danielle explains.

Many people regularly visit the store to see their beloved Catsby, especially retirees who aren't able to have cats. They bring him treats and toys. Catsby remembers his favorite customers and greets them by the door. Sometimes he spends the entire afternoon reading and snuggling in their company.

“He loves his second chance and is incredibly grateful. People can sense that. It's a mutual admiration,” Danielle says.

second hand edition book shop cat davie florida

book shop cats

Cat from Mykonos Town {Mykonos}

mykonos town

It was quite hot the day we stopped at Mykonos Town. Our cruise ship, Thomson Dream, moored in the bay and we had to get a tender into the harbor.

Mykonos Town is pretty, with whitewashed houses and buildings everywhere. In the area called Little Venice, buildings overhang the sea. From there, on the hilltop, pretty windmills line up in a row.

Everywhere we wandered, we saw little chapels and churches with red or blue-colored roofs and lots of boutiques for those who want to shop....but not cheap. Set around the harbor were lots of seafood restaurants, all facing the sea.

mykonos cat

There are a lot of cats in Mykonos town, but this one looked so regal up on his perch on top of the doorway. We saw him as we wandered through the alleys to Little Venice. Then we came back past him again, and he was in the shade on the window ledge where he enjoyed a little scratch around the ears.

mykonos town cat

Text and pictures: Rachel De Jong

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