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Cats from Tokyo {Japan}

ikebukuro temple tokyo

"If you walk along the line of the train from Yamanote to Ikebukuro, following the construction fences, you'll arrive at the small temple of Ikebukuro. It is the mark of a dozen cats. Both passers-by and regulars come here during their lunch break to feed or brush them."

Text and photos: Neko Land

ikebukuro temple tokyo japan
ikebukuro temple
ikebukuro tokyo temple
tokyo temple
temple cats tokyo
tokyo japan ikebukuro

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cats screenplay

Cat from Oudergem {Belgium}

henrard serrures oudergem

Meet Minus, the feline manager of the locksmith store Henrard Serrures in Oudergem, Belgium.

Her owner adopted Minus four years ago, and she's been at Henrard Serrures ever since. "A friend of mine gave away a clowder of kittens, and I picked out the best one," he says. "Now the entire neighborhood is crazy about Minus. She visits the other stores in Oudergem and even sleeps in our neighbors' beds. They all love her."

henrard serrures
serrures henrard

Each time I enter Henrard Serrures, Minus is curled up on a chair in the customers' area. When she notices that I am in for a cuddle, she follows me around. She sometimes jumps on the racks to make sure everything is in order.

oudergem henrard

"Can I get a double of the cat as well?" I asked when I needed a double for my mom's keys. "Oh, no, Minus is way too precious for that," the shop assistant answered.

oudergem henrard serrures
henrard oudergem

Apparently, Minus is almost always around, so you can go greet her too if you want.

oudergem serrures

Address: Henrard Serrures, Chaussée de Wavre 1337, 1160 Oudergem, Belgium.


Text and photos: Vanessa Morgan

famous cat book

Cat from Ryde {Australia}

ryde veterinary clinic

There's something special about the Ryde Veterinary Clinic in New South Wales, Australia. The clinic has a cross-eyed resident cat: Alf.

ryde veterinary clinic
ryde veterinary clinic

Every morning, Alf waits at the front desk and greets furry patients and their humans as soon as they come in.
ryde veterinary clinic
ryde veterinary clinic
ryde veterinary clinic

Alf has been at the Ryde Veterinary Clinic since October, 2014. The staff took him in after they found him abandoned in a box on the clinic's doorstep along with his two siblings.

ryde veterinary clinic
cat playing with balloons

Alf was only two weeks old back then, but he was already a fighter and his will to live kept him getting better and stronger every day. 

Sadly his siblings didn't share the same luck. When it was time for adoption, nothing came through. It became apparent that everyone at the clinic had fallen in love with little Alf, and that they couldn't part with him. Alf has had a permanent home at the clinic ever since.

cross-eyed cat
ryde veterinary clinic
alf the cat

Source: LoveMeow

famous store cat

Cats from Naha {Okinawa}

naha okinawa things to do

I stroll through the covered and slightly dilapidated downtown shopping streets of Naha, on the Japanese island of Okinawa. I see a cat in a very narrow lane. I follow him, and I arrive in a half-abandoned park where dozens of stray cats bask in the sunlight. It's hot; the park is almost deserted; time seems to have stopped.

naha okinawa things to do
naha okinawa things to do
naha okinawa things to do
naha okinawa things to do
naha okinawa things to do
naha okinawa things to do
naha okinawa things to do

Text and photos: Neko Land: Une vie de chat au Japon by Alexandre Bonnefoy and Delphine Vaufrey

naha okinawa book