February 2016 - Traveling Cats - Travel Pictures of Cats

Cat from Clervaux {Luxembourg}

clervaux hotel koener

Clervaux is my favorite destination in Luxembourg. Nestled in a narrow valley surrounded by hills of firs and oaks, Clervaux only consists of a handful of streets. Less than 2,000 people live here. It's mainly restaurants, hotels, shops, and an impressive whitewashed castle.

However, even though Clervaux is minuscule, it has a celebrity: a cat.

clervaux da lonati

“His name is Schnurry because he snores all the time,” his owner Linda says. “He loves to stroll through the center and walk into the shops and hotels. His favorite is the druggist, but he also loves hotels, restaurants, and shops. He's like a dog, really. Because he craves the attention of tourists.”

hotel le clervaux
le clervaux hotel

When I saw Schnurry for the first time, I was sitting in the brasserie of Hotel Koener, and Schnurry was sniffing the tree in the middle of the Place Princesse Maria Thérésa. When he noticed me, he hopped in my direction like a rabbit. His human Linda then picked him up so I could take better pictures.

Later that day, I found Schnurry again in front of Hotel International and walking into the Rhino Steak House.

clervaux schnurry
clervaux rhino steakhouse

Clervaux is so small that it's impossible not to notice this little guy. And if you don't, just call his name and he'll be greeting you in no time.

Find more info on and pictures of Clervaux here.

clervaux restaurant da lonati
clervaux hotel international

luxembourg book

Cat from Charlotte {USA}

library cat charlotte

At the Book Buyers library in Charlotte, North Carolina, you'll find a cat named Page overseeing customer relations. 

Page was found in a dumpster outside the shopping complex when she was just a tiny kitten. With a little coaxing, Page befriended the humans, and now the kitty calls the bookstore her forever home.

However, customer relations isn't exactly her specialty. 😹

  library cat

The library employees describe Page as "a tuxedo cat with a lot of personality and some serious cattitude." She loves interacting with customers, but only "from afar."

  page library cat
book buyers library charlotte
southern dogs and their people

Mostly, however, Page enjoys spending her time in the company of... her favorite books. She has even been found reading a book about dogs once.

charlotte book buyers library cat
charlotte library cat
charlotte library

Find Page the library cat on Facebook.

library cat
book buyers library cat charlotte

Update: We're sad to announce that Page the Library Cat passed away on August 26, 2020. She was enjoying the sun outside and lived a very full life. Rest In Peace, Page (2002 - 2020).
assistant librarian

Cats from Conil de la Frontera {Spain}

beach cats conil de la frontera

When you walk along the beach of Conil de la Frontera in Spain, you'll find things you would never expect. One of these things is Cat Village or City of Cats: a sanctuary for stray cats

Cat Village a secret place, close to the tourist bustle yet hidden. Every year, thousands of tourists walk by, but hardly anyone ever notices. In fact, if you want to see the cats, you have to go inside the bamboo forest.

"At the start of the beach promenade, I saw an Englishwoman named Julie Lloyd Wyatt regularly disappearing behind the bamboo, but I never knew where she was going. Now I know she went to the cats' little hiding place," says Traveling Cats reader Claudia Mannes. "Together with a group of volunteers, Julie built several miniature houses made out of cardboard boxes and rendered watertight with plastic sheeting. All have warm blankets inside. With the help of a local veterinarian, the cats are spayed/neutered and sick ones are being treated."

"Unfortunately, the locals aren't very committed. There are many street cats in Conil de la Frontera, and many people just drop their excess kittens here," says Claudia Mannes. "Last year, 40 felines were brought to Cat Village and the year before 60. While all these beach cats are being cared for, the aim is to find a home for all these sweethearts. 

Anyone interested in adopting, can contact Julie Lloyd Wyatt via Beach Cats Conil de la Frontera.

beach cats conil de la frontera spain
beach cats spain
cat with blue eyes
beach cats conil
conil beach cats
cat beautiful green eyes
pretty tabby cat
conil de la frontera
conil de la frontera cats
julie lloyd wyatt
cat loves cuddles
beach cats conil
beach cats conil
beach cats conil de la frontera
beach cat conil
city of cats
city of cats conil
conil de la frontera gatos
conil de la frontera city of cats
conil cat village
cat village conil
conil de la frontera cat village
conil de la frontera beach cats

Cat pictures by Claudia Mannes
secret cat village of conil