December 2015 - Traveling Cats - Travel Pictures of Cats

Cat from Wells {England}

wells cathedral cat

"In early 2015, my wife and I moved to the city of Wells in Somerset, England. Wells is famous for being the smallest city in England. In reality, Wells is a small town and it is only because of its Gothic cathedral (12th century with 300 sculptures on the west facade) that it is awarded city status," says novelist Vaughn Entwistle.

"Visitors to the cathedral will invariably run into Louis, the cathedral cat. The ginger tom has free run of the mediaeval cathedral, although he can often be found snoozing in a basket in the gift shop. Louis even has a children's book based on his life in the cathedral, but I don't know if Louis does book signings."

cathedral wells
louis cathedral cat
cathedral in wells
louis cat
louis cathedral cat evil
book louis the cathedral cat

Photos by Vaughn Entwistle

Cat from Portland {USA}

store cat portland

If you are visiting Portland in Oregon, you should head to the local Safeway store to meet Cecil the cat.

Cecil goes to the store almost every morning to greet the customers. Sometimes, he waits by the door to greet everyone who walks in from the parking lot. At other times, he is napping away on top of a stack of soda boxes by the window. Cecil is almost always the first customer of the day and waits for the counter to open.

store cat portland oregon
safeway cat portland

Many customers wonder if the cat is lost, so they call the number on his collar. They then get this message: "If you're calling about Cecil at the Safeway, don't worry. He just likes to hang out there. He lives nearby and will find his way home when ready."

Just like the store cats of Tiverton and Saltney, Cecil has become quite a celebrity and even has his own Facebook page.

canada dry portland
cecil the grocery store cat

Would you go to this Safeway store to meet Cecil the cat?

supermarket cat