February 2015 - Traveling Cats - Travel Pictures of Cats

Cat from Gattières {France}

gattières france photos
gattières france photos

The hilltop village of Gattières is known as one of the most picturesque of the Alpes-Maritimes department in France. But it becomes even more beautiful with this tuxedo cat roaming its medieval roads.

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Cats from Pyay {Myanmar}

cat travel pictures
cat travel pictures

In the village of Pyay, Myanmar, a girl plays with the neighborhood cats. On the girl's cheeks and nose is a substance from the thanakha tree, which serves as both makeup and sunscreen. Her feline companions will soon take refuge in the shadows, between the pillars that carry the house.

Chats autour du monde livre

Cats from Istanbul {Turkey}

stray cats of istanbul

It's not the first time we've featured cats of Istanbul here on Traveling Cats. You may remember the famous Hagia Sophia cat, the many street cats of Istanbul, the cat of the Blue Mosque, and the cats of the Kaktus Café

Istanbul is indeed teeming with cats. You're literally flanked by felines wherever you go, most of them well-fed and clean. 

And if you ever go to Istanbul, remember the famous saying: "If you hurt a cat, you need to build a mosque to be forgiven by God."

best cat selfie
picture of a cat stalking a bird
cats in awkward positions
cat pictures background
cat pictures background
cat pictures background
cat pictures istanbul
cat against bright background

Cat from Jerez de la Frontera {Spain}


Traveling Cats reader, Mariana Gomez, sent in this beautiful picture of a cat from Jerez de la Frontera in Spain

Also, a big thank you to author Chrys Fey (30 Seconds and Hurricane Crimes) for presenting me with the One Lovely Blog Award.

Cat from Paris {France}

place de la bastille paris

This Chartreux cat and its owner pose at the famous Place de la Bastille in Paris, France. The Place de la Bastille is a symbol of the French Revolution, and refers to the fortress that was destroyed between 1789 and 1790.

Cat picture source: CHATS AUTOUR DU MONDE.

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cats around the world

Cat from Juffureh {The Gambia}

cats and goats
cat and goat
cat and goat

Have you read Alex Hailey's best selling autobiographical novel Roots: The Saga Of An American Family or seen the TV mini-series based on the book?

When I was on a press trip in The Gambia, I did a boat trip dedicated to the enslavement of Alex Hailey's ancestor Kunta Kinteh. The cruise took me to the now abandoned St. Andrew's Island where the slaves used to live, to the slavery museum in Albreda, and to the nearby village of Juffureh where I met one of Kunta Kinteh's decendants.

Though millions of people know Kunta Kinteh as the main character of Roots, the inhabitants of his native village suffer from extreme poverty. Many don't know whether they'll have something to eat that day or not. If the passing tourists don't give some pocket money, chances are they won't.

This kitty welcomed me to Juffureh. The images here of animals and people gathering together on dusty roads is typical for The Gambia.

Disclaimer: My trip to The Gambia was sponsored by The Gambia Tourism Board, Bamboo Garden Hotel, and SN Brussels Airlines.

You can read my complete travel story with lots of pictures at The Roots Of Kunta Kinteh. It was quite the adventurous day, so be sure to check it out.

Cats from Tanji {The Gambia}

cat pictures sunday
cat pictures sunday
cat pictures sunday

The Tanji fishing village is one of the most colorful and authentic places to visit in The Gambia. Each day, when the fishing boats arrive, the locals walk into the sea to assist the fishermen to unload their catch and carry it onshore where it's immediately sold on the Tanji Fishing Market. I expected to see many cats at a place with so much fish, but I only spotted two of them.

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Disclaimer: My trip to The Gambia was sponsored by The Gambia Tourism Board, Coconut Residence, and SN Brussels Airlines.