August 2014 - Traveling Cats - Travel Pictures of Cats

Cat from Colca Canyon {Peru}

odd-eyed cat
odd-eyed cat Peru
odd-eyed cat Colca Canyon
Colca Canyon Peru
odd-eyed cat Colca Canyon Peru

The Colca Canyon in Peru is famous for its natural hot springs, its condors flying by at close range, and its archeological sites. But many tourists also make a stop to greet the local celebrity: an odd-eyed cat that lives in one of the Canyon's few houses.

Source: Reddit

Cats from Havana {Cuba}

Traveling cats spotted under a car in Havana, the capital city of Cuba.

Cat picture submitted by: Beverly Houwing

Cats from Inle Lake {Myanmar}

Jumping Cat Monastery Myanmar
Jumping Cat Monastery Inle Lake
Nga Phe Kyaung
Inle Lake Monastery
Inle Lake cats

The Nga Phe Kyaung monastery in Myanmar is many a cat lover's dream. Built on stilts on Inle Lake, the place is known as Jumping Cat Monastery because  the monks have trained the local cats to jump through small loops and hold performances. The acrobatic cats are named after Hollywood stars such as Demi Moore, Leonardo Di Caprio and Marilyn Monroe.

Cat pictures: Trip Advisor

Other pictures of the Jumping Cat Monastery can be found in the book CHATS AUTOUR DU MONDE.

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Cat from Rome {Italy}

John Keats gravesite Protestant Cemetery Rome

This traveling cat loves its poetry, because we found it at the gravesite of the English Romantic poet John Keats at the Protestant Cemetery in Rome, Italy. During the last months of his life, Keats lived near the city's famous Spanish Steps. He died of tuberculosis at age twenty-five.

Cat picture submitted by: Wim Castermans

Pssst... Keats: Poetry Published In 1820 is currently free for Kindle. Find it here.

Cat from Paris {France}

Montmartre Paris steps 

Welcome to Montmartre! This famous district in Paris, France, is known for its cemetery and basilica, as well as for the steep steps lined by pretty lampposts where this traveling cat is having a stroll. At the top, you have one of the most spectacular views in Paris. Many a tourist will while away a couple of hours drinking wine at this spot.

Cat picture by: Veerle Duoh

Cat from Hong Kong {China}

humorous cat pictures
humorous cat pictures
humorous cat pictures

Traveling cat photographed in Hong Kong. Though Hong Kong is officially a city in China, it has its own currency and legal system, making it almost like a country in itself.

Cat pictures by: Nicolas Nemiri.

Cats from Risør {Norway}

cat sitting in grass
cat standing up
Risør Norway
beautiful cat pictures
kissing cats
cat sitting in bushes
autumn cat pictures
autumn cat
cat pictures autumn
cat with autumn leaves
ginger cat autumn
biting cat
cat against snowy background

These traveling cats show you the splendor their town, Risør, has to offer throughout the seasons. With its white painted wooden houses and gardens full of flowers, Risør, situated in southern Norway, is one of the best-preserved timber towns in Europe. Tourists also love the city for its activities such as kayaking, nordic walking, cycling, canoeing, and sailing.

Cat pictures by

most beautiful cats of norway

Cat from Bagnoregio {Italy}

Bagnoregio Italy

Strolling through the almost three-thousand-year-old alleyways of Civita di Bagnoregio in Italy, this traveling cat is probably looking for one of the many trattorias this Etruscan hilltop town has to offer.

Source: Encore! Life

Cat from Ravello {Italy}

black cat eating

This cat picture was taken in Ravello, Italy, and previously published in the photo essay book CATS OF ITALY / GATTI d'ITALIA by Janet Wellington. "In 2012, I was invited to attend the Women’s Fiction Festival in Matera, Italy, to speak on a panel about indie publishing—along with two other indie authors," says author Janet Wellington. "In the weeks before my trip, as I was researching fun things to do and see in Italy, I began seeing references to the many feral cats in the country. I was traveling with my BAF (best author friend) and we planned to spend our last four days in Rome before coming, when I discovered the Torre Argentina Roman Cat Sanctuary, a no-kill shelter in Rome for homeless cats, I knew had to visit! Before arriving in Rome, though, I began seeing cats…everywhere…and I always kept my camera ready to take a photograph. I suppose that’s when the idea of the book CATS OF ITALY really started germinating. Cats found me first on the Amalfi Coast—in Ravello and Positano. Later, cats found me in Matera, on the Island of Ischia, and finally in Rome and at the Cat Sanctuary of Rome, also known as Torre Argentina."

cat photos book

Cat from Montolieu {France}

Montolieu France village du livre
Montolieu France

This traveling cat was spotted in Montolieu in the South of France. With its numerous antique book shops and monthly book market (third Sunday of every month), Montolieu is often called Village du livre or Village of Books. In fact, Montolieu counts more books than inhabitants.
Cat pictures submitted by: Klaas Nijs.

Cat from Brussels {Belgium}

Au Soleil Brussels

If you ever visit the café Au Soleil on Rue du Marché au Charbon in the Belgian capital Brussels, you'll probably meet its resident feline, Jean-Claude. When I visited Au Soleil with my friend Anne, Jean-Claude immediately recognized us as cat ladies and never left our sides.