May 2014 - Traveling Cats - Travel Pictures of Cats

Cats from Bodrum {Turkey}

traveling with cats
traveling with cats turkey
traveling with cats bodrum
castle courtyard cat

Traveling cats spotted in Bodrum, Turkey.
Source: TripAdvisor

In conjunction with May Monster Madness, I'd also like to introduce you to UNINVITED, a horror movie from 1988 in which a genetically mutated cat goes on a killing spree on a boat. It's a bit cheesy but really fun, and it's available on Amazon Instant Video if you'd like to see it.

Uninvited horror movie

Cat from Harlech {Wales}

harlech castle wales
cat watching a bird

Traveling cat spotted in front of Harlech Castle in North Wales. Edward I built the castle in 1283 to suppress the Welsh. Over the next few centuries, Harlech Castle played an important part in several historical events such as the Wars of the Roses and the English Civil War. It is now a UNESCO World Heritage site and known to boast some amazing views from the top. The ginger kitty is Harlech Castle's permanent resident.

Source: Trip Advisor

Cat from Playa del Carmen {Mexico}

hotel cat Luna Blue Playa del Carmen

Traveling cat spotted near the swimming pool of Hotel Luna Blue in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. He is called Oso, which means 'bear' in Spanish. See more pictures of the hotel here.

Source: SF Gate

Cats from Rome {Italy}

cat and gecko
Villa Borghese

Traveling cats spotted at Villa Borghese in Rome, Italy. Just behind the cats is the zoo of Rome: Bioparco. By the way, if you look well, you'll notice that the first cat has a gecko under its paw.

Cat from Rome {Italy}

Torre Argentina Rome
Torre Argentina in Rome
Torre Argentina Rome Italy

Traveling cat spotted just outside of the famous Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary in Rome, Italy.

The cat sanctuary is one of the many places you can discover in Shannon Jones' KEEKEE'S BIG ADVENTURES IN ROME ITALY in which KeeKee the cat travels through Rome while introducing kids to the city's famous sites and culture. The book is absolutely adorable, and informative on top. Very much recommended.

Rome book cover

Cats from Rome {Italy}

Rome Cat Sanctuary
Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary
Cat sanctuary in Rome
Cat Sanctuary Torre Argentina
Cat of Torre Argentina
Torre Argentina cat
Torre Argentina Rome cat
Cat Shelter Rome
Cats of Torre Argentina
Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary Rome Italy
Cat shelter in Rome
Cat Sanctuary Rome
Torre Argentina Cat Shelter
Roman Cat Sanctuary
Torre Argentina cats
Roman cat
Torre Argentina

Traveling cats spotted at the world-famous Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary in Rome, Italy. The cats have the ancient ruins just for themselves, including a sheltered spot where they receive food, medical care, and a warm bed to sleep. Founded in 1993, a large number of the cats they host are blind, disabled or recovering from illness. But despite their difficult start in life, it's obvious that the Torre Argentina cats are now happy and comfortable. Torre Argentina also promotes TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) to stabilize the number of strays, reduce the spread of FIV, FeLV, and blindness due to the herpes virus and other threats.

Find more pictures of the Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary here.


In other news, I just heard that Traveling Cats won the prestigious BlogPaws Nose-To-Nose Award for Best New Pet Blog. Thanks so much for believing in me and my little cat blog. As I won 400 lbs of food from Only Natural Pet to be donated to the shelter/rescue of my choice, I picked the Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary as the receiver. Hopefully they'll accept international shelters. In case they don't, which American rescue/shelter do you recommend?

Cats from Jiufen {Taiwan}

Jiufen Taiwan
Jiufen cat

These traveling cats enjoy the view from the famous lookout point in Jiufen, Taiwan. The numerous cats are a real tourist attraction here, so much that several stores sell kitty-themed merchandise. Jiufen is situated close to Houtong Cat Village. You can book a day tour which combines both cat villages.

what to do in taiwan

Cat from Statesville {USA}

calico kitty

Traveling cat spotted in Statesville, NC, USA. This cat was the cover model for AKASHA by Sandra Cox, a novel about a calico kitty who journeys back to earth to save the kitten left behind.