March 2014 - Traveling Cats - Travel Pictures of Cats

Cat from Kunming {China}

Funny cat and dog pictures
Funny cat and dog pictures
Funny cat and dog pictures
Funny cat and dog pictures

Traveling cat spotted on the back of a dog in the streets of Kunming, China.

Source: China Navis

Cat from Brussels {Belgium}

Predikherenstraat Brussel

Traveling cat spotted on Predikherenstraat (Rue des Dominicains) in Brussels, Belgium.

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Cat from Zamboanga {Philippines}

soldier and cat

Traveling cat approaching a soldier in Zamboanga, Philippines, where troops are fighting the Muslim rebels of Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF).
Source: AP

Cats from Ephesus {Turkey}

ancient city of Ephesus Turkey
ancient city of Ephesus Turkey
ancient city of Ephesus Turkey
ancient city of Ephesus Turkey
Cat in Ephesus Turkey
cat in Ephesus Turkey
cats of Ephesus
Ephesus cat
Ephesus cat turkey
Ephesus turkey
turkey Ephesus cat
turkey cat
cat Ephesus

Traveling cats spotted in the ancient city of Ephesus (also called Efes or Ephesos), Turkey. Ephesus was once an important commercial center and is now one of the most famous archeological digs in the world. Cats are to be found almost anywhere around Ephesus.

Cats of Ephesos
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Cats from Molyvos {Lesbos}

Molyvos pictures
cat in tree
cat sleeping on chair

Source: Griekenland Grieksegids

I'm excited to announce that Traveling Cats is a finalist in the prestigious BlogPaws Nose-To-Nose Awards. Many thanks to everyone who has helped me grow this blog. A thought goes also to my cat Avalon who passed away in July 2013, because without him Traveling Cats would never have existed.

Cats from Kyoto {Japan}

Cats of Kyoto
Cats of Kyoto
jumping cat
street cats of Kyoto
Kyoto cat
cat in black and white
cat in the streets of Kyoto
cat in Kyoto
Carriage with cats
Kyoto Japan
cat picture

In 2010, wooden toy wholesaler Yutaka Katayama picked up a camera and started taking pictures of ordinary life in Kyoto, Japan. Since then photography has become an obsession.

"It's my life's work," he says.

Katayama has taken thousands of pictures of the legendary ancient city that once was the imperial capital of Japan. He has also found a favorite theme: the stray cats that are found all over Kyoto.

"I feel the strength to live from a stray cat," Katayama wrote. "They seem to live a quiet life always looking for food and a place to live while keeping well their distance to the human."

Katayama prefers to take pictures early in the morning when there are fewer tourists around (Kyoto has 17 UNESCO World Heritage Sites). Like many cats, the photographer visits the same places over and over, where he hopes he will experience a new feeling every time.

Source: Business Insider

Cats from Venice {Italy}

venice canals

Famous for its beautiful waterways, Venice is also renowned for its slinky, stoic, adorable cats. 

Stone and terra-cotta plazas, languid canals, windows with brightly painted shutters, and spiraling wrought iron set the stage for the ramblings of these lucky felines. 

These cat pictures are both a portrait of Venice's famous felines and an homage to a magical place.

cats of venice
cats of venice
cats of venice

Source: Encore! Life