2014 - Traveling Cats - Travel Pictures of Cats

Cat from Fajara {The Gambia}

Children are not allowed in Ngala Lodge, because this stunning resort in The Gambia is all about romance and tranquility. Its food is the best in the entire country. No wonder Ngala Lodge has been awarded the TripAdvisor's Traveller's Choice Award as the fourth most romantic hotel in Africa. Just like The Coconut Residence, Ngala Lodge has a resident cat, Rasta, that ensures that all guests are entertained. 

My trip to The Gambia was sponsored by The Gambia Tourism Board and SN Brussels Airlines.

Cat from London {England}

brixton village market

Merry Christmas, everyone. Here's a cat from Brixton Village, London, to celebrate.

Cat picture by: Trip Advisor

Cat from North Conway {USA}

mount washington observatory
mount washington new hampshire
mount washington
mount washington
mt washington state park
mount washington sunet

Since the founding of the Mount Washington Observatory Weather Discovery Center in 1932, there has always been at least one cat living with the crew. They kept mice at bay, and also made the quarters feel more like home. The Mount Washington Observatory in North Conway, USA, is a non-profit research and educational institution working to understand the weather and climate. Through guided tours and visits, you can meet the cats and learn more about the science of meteorology.

Cat pictures by: Accu Weather

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Cats from Athens {Greece}

cat pictures athens
cat pictures athens
cat pictures athens
cat pictures athens
cat pictures athens
cat pictures athens
cat pictures athens
cat pictures athens
cat pictures athens
cat pictures athens
cat pictures athens

"Here we are in Plaka. It's the oldest neighborhood in Athens, and it still has wonderful shops, restaurants, and tavernas," one of the characters in the book KeeKee's Big Adventures in Athens, Greece says.

Equally adorable and informative,  KeeKee's Big Adventures in Athens, Greece is a children's book about a world traveling cat. It's the perfect book to teach your kid (or yourself) about Greek culture, gods, food, and places of interest in Athens. They'll even learn how to say thank you, goodbye, enjoy your meal, and meow in Greek. It's one of my favorite children's books.

Cat pictures by: Scent With Love By Kande / Marino Colmano / Athens Greece / John Calivas / Travelling Buzz / In Whirl Of Inspiration / Tamara Diez Otero

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Cat from Marina del Rey {USA}

beautiful white cat

Do you know Stovepipe The Traveling Cat? If he looks familiar, it's because his picture appears on the packaging of The Almost Invisible Cat Litter.

Stovepipe started his life at a kill shelter and was adopted when he had only one hour left to live. He's a natural traveler so he goes everywhere his humans go, including the bank, Post Office, Walmart, Best Buy, Target, and business meetings. Accordingly, his name evolved from just Stovepipe to Stovepipe The Traveling Cat. He has been to Palm Springs, Albuquerque, Dallas, Denver, Twin Falls Idaho, Portland, Sacramento, Oakland, Reno Las Vegas, Mount Shasta and numerous other places and he has incredible pictures on his social media to prove it. Here he poses in Marina del Rey, California.

His adopters want everybody to know how cool rescued cats can be and created The Almost Invisible Cat Litter “Stovepipe” Volunteer Appreciation Program to thank all of the rescue volunteers and show them how much their efforts are appreciated.

Cats from Riquewihr {France}

cat pictures restaurant
cat in window
cat on barrel

Riquewihr is a charming little town in the Alsace region of France, similar to the nearby villages Strasbourg and Colmar (lots of colorful, half-timbered houses). The best time to visit Riquewihr is during the winter, when one of the best Christmas markets in Europe transforms the already cozy town into a fairy setting from a children's tale.

Source: Trip Advisor

Cat from Mex {Switzerland}

cat with broomsticks

Traveling cat spotted in Mex, a cozy mountain village in the Valais canton of Switzerland. Since 2013, Mex is part of the municipality of Saint-Maurice.

Cat picture by: Patrick Roberts

Cat from Varna {Bulgaria}

green cat

Since a few days, a green-colored stray cat has been stalking along the backstreets of Varna, a quaint Black Sea resort town in Bulgaria.

green cat bulgaria

Inhabitants first thought it was a cruel prank, and they had even formed a Facebook group to coordinate their search for the culprits. However, it has now been revealed that the cat developed an emerald green hue because it sleeps on a heap of powdered synthetic green paint at a local garage.

green cat bulgaria
green cat varna bulgaria

Reports say the poor cat becomes greener each day.

green cat varna

cats Bulgaria

Locals have been trying to catch this handsome fellow so they can clean him off and check him for health issues. However, they haven't been successful so far.

Bulgarian green cat

Animal protection agencies are hoping that the stand-out nature of the feline won't influence owners to paint their cats. The RSPCA has warned that dyeing or painting animals for cosmetic reasons could have "potentially fatal consequences."

green cat Varna Bulgaria

shy cat coming out of hiding place

The green cat and his ginger friend surely don't seem to mind the bright color, but let's hope he'll get a bath soon.

green cat
Bulgaria cats

Update: Varna's famous stray cat is looking a lot like himself again after an animal rescue team gave him a wash. He has returned to his natural color, save a few bright green highlights around his ears, eyes, and chest.

painted cats

Source: Daily Mail

incredible cat story varna bulgaria green cat

Cats from Seoul {South Korea}

amazing cat pictures
curious cat pictures
cat pictures cat cafe seoul korea
seoul korea cat cafe
cat pictures korea
cat cafe korea seoul
cat cafe korea seoul
stuff on my cat
seoul cat cafe
seoul cat cafe
seoul cat cafe
bart vodderie
cat cafe south korea
playing with cat pictures
cat stalking toy
south korea cat cafe
cat cafe seoul
cat cafe seoul south korea
seoul cat cafe korea
cat cafe pictures
sleeping cat pictures

The Cat Café in Myeongdong (Seoul) is just one of the many unique theme cafés Korea has to offer. Some other offbeat cafés are: the Sheep Café, the Dog Café, the Hello Kitty Café, the Charlie Brown Café, the Fish Pedicure Café, the Hanbok Café (hanbok are traditional Korean clothes), the Victorian Era Café, the Camping Café, the Bike Café, and many more.

Cat pictures by: Bart Vodderie