Cats from Oslo {Norway} - Traveling Cats - Travel Pictures of Cats

Cats from Oslo {Norway}

black cats invasion

Traveling cats spotted in the streets of Oslo, Norway.


  1. I can't imagine a street full of black cats...anywhere. That's incredible!

  2. HOLY SH*T!!!!

    Is that photoshopped or something?!?!

    And I thought I had a lot of cats........


  3. Man, must be a cat convention in town! Congrats on the award -- well-deserved!

  4. Wow, what a cool picture! Is it Photoshopped?

    ConCATulations on your cool -- and very well-deserved -- award! And thank you for sharing it with us. We're so honored! :)


  5. Thank you that was so kind and we pop into tomorrows post and onto our awards page with pride. nice one.
    Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. Félicitations pour le prix.
    La photo c'est un montage ou la réalité ? Un peu hallucinant tous ces chats noirs. J'aime les chats noirs.

  7. Wow look at those Black Kitties!aren't the fab!Thanks for nominating me for blog of the year 2013 too and Congratulation to you!xx Speedy

  8. Congratulations !!!
    You deserve more :-)

    Great picture. We are all curious obviously. Me, too. Is is for real or PS?

    Thank you

  9. Congratulations for the award!

  10. That zijn er erg veel katten en Gefeliciteerd!

  11. yep, I'm with Debs, seems like they having a cat convention up in the Norway

  12. Wow! Wonder where they all came from??

    And congrats on your award!

  13. Wow! Where did all those black cats come from?
    Concats on your award and for nominating me too. I'm honored! I have to get mom blog about this. She's been really busy with work and... Uh... Helping me with cat scouts.

  14. black cats everywhere! look out for bad luck :P

  15. OMG I found your blog on Feature & Follow, and had to send your blog to my cat obsessed friend lol.

    Anyway, New follower via GFC! My FF @ A Novel Idea by Chrissy T

  16. Congratulations on your Award, TC. Love the picture of the Oslo-cats :) Pawkiss for the weekend :)

  17. I want to move there!! LOL! take care

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  19. Great picture! Congrats on your award, you picked great recipients :-)

  20. This is incredible, but it is surely Photoshopped, you can see on shadows :) congrats on your award btw :)

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