October 2013 - Traveling Cats - Travel Pictures of Cats

Cat from Coeur d'Alene {USA}

Halloween cat
Prairie Home Farm

Traveling cat spotted on Prairie Home Farm in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.
Source: cdapress.com

Happy Halloween

Cats from Warwick {England}

Warwick pumpkins cat
Warwick pumpkins cat
Warwick pumpkins cat
Warwick pumpkins cat

Traveling cats spotted at a pumpkin farm in Warwick, England.

Cat from Saragossa {Spain}

Torrero Cemetery cat

Traveling cat spotted at the old Torrero Cemetery in Saragossa, Spain. The cemetery is known for its stunning graves with stone statues made by famous sculptors.
Source: Deformutilation

Cat from Bursa {Turkey}

Bursa Cemetery

Traveling cat spotted at a cemetery in Bursa, Turkey.
Source: Deformutilation

Cat from Smiths Grove {USA}


Traveling cat spotted at Pelly Farm in Smiths Grove, Kentucky.

Cat from Aspen Hill {USA}

Aspen Hill Pet Cemetery

Traveling cat spotted at the Aspen Hill Cemetery in Maryland, USA.

Cats from Paris {France}

Cat at the Montmartre Cemetery
Cat at the Montmartre Cemetery
Cat at the Montmartre Cemetery

Traveling cats spotted at the Montmartre Cemetery in Paris, France. Many French celebrities have been buried here, including Alexandre Dumas, Adolphe Sax, Bernard-Marie Koltès, Stendhal, Michel Berger, Dalida, Edgar Degas, Hector Berlioz, and François Truffaut.

Source: Deformutilation

Cat from London {England}

Pub cat

Traveling cat spotted in a pub in London, England.
Source: Richard Tompkins

Cats from Himeji {Japan}

black cat café

Welcome to Nekobiyaka, the only existing cat café dedicated to black cats

Situated in Himeji, Japan, Nekobiyaka started like any other cat café, hosting an array of different cat breeds and colors. They went through a grand renewal and re-opened as a black cat specialty café. For an hourly fee of Y1000, you can enjoy a drink while getting to know Nekobiyaka's black felines. 

Since it's hard to tell the black cats apart, they all wear different colored bandanas, and their names incorporate each color.

nekobiyaka cat café
nekobyaka black cats
running black cats
cat cafés in japan
sleeping black cat

Practical information

Address: Nekobiyaka Cat Café, Himeji, Hiyogo, Ekimaecho 322, Mifune Bldg. 2F, Japan

Open from Monday to Saturday from noon to 9 pm (Sunday 7 pm). Closed Tuesdays.

Look up Nekobiyaka on TripAdvisor

Cat from Fallbrook {USA}

cat on pumpkin patch

Traveling cat spotted on a pumpkin patch in Fallbrook, USA.

Cat from Shelburne {USA}

black at at pumpkin patch

Traveling cat spotted at a pumpkin patch in Shelburne, USA.

Cat from Chiba {Japan}

grandmother and cat
misao the big mama and fukumaru the cat

Enjoying life one day at a time: a grandma and her cat

Miyoko Ihara graduated from the Nippon Photography Institute in 2002. Around that time, she began photographing her grandmother, Misao, in order to document her life. One day, Misao found an odd-eyed kitten in the shed. She named the cat Fukumaru. Since then the two have been inseparable. "Partly because they are both hard of hearing, my grandmother and Fukumaru are always looking into each other's eyes. They're really close," Ihara says.

Miyoko Ihara grandmother and cat
odd-eyed cat
grandmother Misao and cat Fukumaru
grandmother Misao and cat

The photographs documenting their close bond were compiled into a book, Misao The Big Mama And Fukumaru The Cat. This touching and beautiful photo book captures them as they work in the fields, admire spring blossoms, or nap in the sun.

“When I see the way my grandmother is living her life, I really feel that she has a kind of strength that my generation simply can't match. She gets up with the sun and goes to bed when it sets. She loves her cat and the vegetables in her field like her own children," Ihara says. "If her vegetables come out well, she's happy. She doesn't have to worry about questions like 'What's the point of my work?' Her way of life fills me with admiration and a sort of envy.”

Miyoko Ihara photos
Fukumaru the cat
Miyoko Ihara grandmother
best-selling cat book in Japan
friendship cat grandmother
cat paw holding hand

Misao The Big Mama And Fukumaru The Cat is a bestselling book in Japan and a viral sensation in the united states.

Cat from Grand Isle {USA}

Grand Isle cemetery

Traveling cat spotted at the Grand Isle cemetery in Louisiana, USA.

Cats from Sitges {Spain}

Sitges cats
Sitges cats
Port Sitges
Sitges Port
Cats of Sitges

Traveling cats spotted at the port of Sitges, Spain.

Cat from Sitges {Spain}

Carrer Jesús Sitges

Traveling cat spotted on Carrer Jesús in Sitges, Spain.

Cat from Sitges {Spain}

Cinema Prado Sitges

When you visit Cinema Prado in Sitges, Spain, chances are you'll meet Nino, the cat.

Nino is not just the resident cat of Cinema Prado; he is part of the official staff. He even has an employee badge, complete with his name and picture. His primary area of expertise is greeting cinema-goers near the entrance and brushing along their legs in the movie theatre itself.

Don't you think all cinemas should have a feline employee?

Update: Nino passed away in 2015.

Cats from Sitges {Spain}

Cinema Retiro Sitges
Sitges Film Festival Retiro
cat on the red carpet
cat pictures tabby
cat pictures tabby
El Retiro Cinema
Cinema Retiro Sitges
Retiro Sitges
cats el retiro
cat pictures images sitges
Spanish cat

Each time I went to the Cinema Retiro in Sitges, Spain, I was greeted by a family of stray cats. They are fed daily and now have their permanent base outside the cinema. Most of them love to be cuddled (especially the tabby cat and the one with the black nose) and they are not afraid of passers-by.