July 2013 - Traveling Cats - Travel Pictures of Cats

Cat from Tagliacozzo {Italy}

Cat from Tagliacozzo

Traveling cat spotted in Tagliacozzo, Italy.
Source: Encore! Life

Cat from Cairo {Egypt}

Feral cat from Cairo Egypt

Traveling cat spotted in Cairo, Egypt.
Source: Wikimedia

Cats from Mugeni {Romania}

Mugeni Romania

In Mugeni, Romania, there's a guest house that is run by three mighty felines.

Welcome to Boróka.

pension boroka

All the cats have different job descriptions.

Two of them are in charge of surveying the area, making sure all guests are welcomed with a warm meow.

The third cat loves to join tourists for breakfast. He'll be happy to pre-taste your scrambled eggs and charcuterie if you'd like.

So, what do you think? Would you like to stay with these three cats?

boroka mugeni romania
boroka mugeni romania

Cat pictures by Ingrid Jorgensen 

Cats from Molyvos {Lesbos}

captain's table molyvos

The harbor restaurant The Captain's Table is the best place to eat fish and seafood in Molyvos, Lesbos. The cats know this. It's impossible to eat there without dozens of cats sitting around you, waiting for scraps.

Cat from Stockton {Australia}

Cat from Stockton Australia
Traveling cat spotted in Stockton, Australia.

Cat from Santiago {Chile}

La pérgola de las flores Santiago

Traveling cat spotted in La Pérgola de las flores, a famous 24-hour flower market in Santiago, Chile.
Source: Jaunted

Cats from Maho Beach {St Martin}

Sunbathing cats from Maho Beach St. Martin

Traveling cats spotted on Maho Beach, St Martin.
Source: Jaunted

Cat from Haïfa {Israel}

Cat from Haifa Israel

Traveling cat spotted in Haïfa, Israel.

Cat from Long Island {USA}

Cat from Long Island

Traveling cat spotted on Long Island, USA.

Cat from Michigan {USA}

Cat from Michigan

Traveling cat spotted in Michigan, USA.

Cat from Durban {South Africa}

Traveling cat spotted in Durban, a large South African town known for its busy port, subtropical climate and extensive beaches.
Source: Jaunted

Cat from Salice {Corsica}

Salice Corsica

Traveling cat spotted in Salice on the French island Corsica.
Source: Encore! Life

Cat from Gruissan {France}

Cat from Gruissan France

Traveling Cat spotted in Gruissan, a beachside town in the South of France. Gruissan became a popular travel destination thanks to the French movie Betty Blue - 37°2 le matin.

Cats from Zaventem {Belgium}

cat tulips
cat in grass
meowing cat pictures

I photographed these cats in my grandparents' garden on Weerstandslaan in Zaventem, Belgium. They are the neighbors' cats, and are well taken care of.

Cat from London {England}

Cat from London

Traveling cat spotted in London, England.

Cat from Torre di Palme {Italy}

Cat from Torre di Palme Italy

Traveling cat spotted in Torre di Palme, Italy.
Source: Encore! Life

Cat from Zaventem {Belgium}

Cat from Zaventem Belgium

Traveling cat spotted in front of The Bru House in Zaventem, Belgium.

Cat from Oudergem {Belgium}

Ginger cat from Oudergem Belgium

Traveling cat spotted on Avenue Le Bon in Oudergem, Belgium.