May 2013 - Traveling Cats - Travel Pictures of Cats

Cats from Cannes {France}

Cats at the film festival in Cannes

It's the Cannes Film Festival. While movie stars walk the red carpet and buyers and sellers close deals, these cats entertain tourists on the Croisette.

Cat from Juan-les-Pins {France}

Cat and dog on a leash in Juan-les-Pins France

Each morning, this cat and dog (and their human) take the train from Juan-les-Pins to Cannes where they spend the rest of their day strolling through the streets. Here, they are waiting on the platform of the Juan-les-Pins train station.

Cat from Oostende {Belgium}


Cat from Molyvos {Lesbos}

Cat from Molyvos Lesbos

Cat from Revin {France}

Revin France

Cat photo source: Agnès Delhaye

Cat from Gat {Israel}

Cat from Gat Israël

Cat photo source: Dorit Skabyas

Cat from Gothenburg {Sweden}

Turkish Van cat in snow

Cat photo source: Maritza Svärd

Cats from Athens {Greece}

Cat photo source: Andrea David

Cat from Istanbul {Turkey}

White cat in shop in Istanbul Turkey

Cat from Taipei {Taiwan}

Cat from the Danshui District in Taipei Taiwan

Cat photo source: Chung-Yen Chang

Cat from Bohan {Belgium}


Cat from Bohan {Belgium}


Cat from Chassepierre {Belgium}

Brasserie Le Relais de Chassepierre
cats that look like Salvador Dali

Situated in the BelgianArdennes, Chassepierre is bordered in the East by the river Semois and in the south by France. The name originates from the Latin word casa petrea meaning 'stone house'. The village, though touristy, has less than 200 inhabitants and probably just as many cats. This one is posing in front of one of the only restaurants Chassepierre has to offer: Le Relais. He looks a little like Salvador Dali, don't you think?

Cat from Chassepierre {Belgium}

Cat from Les Jeannes in Chassepierre

Cat from Chassepierre {Belgium}

cat on carriage
tabby cat

This little tabby is one of the many cats of the colorful B&B Les Jeannes in Chassepierre, Belgium (you can see them all here). Les Jeannes is almost like a destination in itself. All the rooms are decorated with paintings and vintage pieces (one room even contained a confession booth). It's all a little over the top but in a good way.

Also worth mentioning: the delicious homemade breakfast and dinner, the kind owners, and, of course... the cats.

Want to meet the cats of Les Jeannes, too? Click here to book your stay.

Cat from Chassepierre {Belgium}

chat ardennes

Cat from Chassepierre {Belgium}

old cat

Cat from Chassepierre {Belgium}

Cat under car

Cat from Chassepierre {Belgium}

Cat on table in Chassepierre Belgium

Cat from Chassepierre {Belgium}


Cat from Chassepierre {Belgium}

Cat behind window

Cat from Hawkes Bay {New Zealand}

Cat Hawkes Bay New Zealand

Cat photo source: The Cottage Diaries