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Cat from Wingrave {England}

turkish van cat wingrave

Is this England's meanest cat?

Residents in Wingrave, Buckinghamshire, carry water pistols for protection against this five-year-old Turkish Van. One victim spent six days in hospital after Oscar the cat mauled his right arm and sank his teeth into his left thumb all the way to the bone. Describing Oscar as 'ferocious', the victim, Mr. Ridgeway, adds: “He can be very aggressive and will attack dogs and people around the village.”

“Children can't walk down the alley to the school,” says another resident. “They all know about the cat and they are all frightened it's going to get them.”

His behavior is so bad even the cat sitter refuses to help out.

When the Turkish Van went missing for a few days, villagers were relieved. Unfortunately, the 'Lion of Wingrave' returned. 

 Only owner Caroline Hughes says Oscar is a sweetheart. “He's so lovable he even appeared in an Ikea advert in 2010.”

Oscar is now under house arrest.

Source: DailyMail


  1. I always love seeing kitties in windows. :)

  2. That baby looks like she's enjoying life!

  3. Wonder what he/she is looking at? Have a marvelous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Look Down !!!
    You will see the most handsome kitty in the world...ME !...tee..heh...heh

  5. Cats in the windows looks like a "welcome message" to that house! Cute cat!!

  6. love that photo...nice to imagine what he is looking at

  7. What a load of crap! Turkish Vans are the most loving cats in the world! No way do I believe this!

  8. ohh poor cat. I don't believe he did all that!