March 2013 - Traveling Cats - Travel Pictures of Cats

Cat from Philadelphia {USA}

Feline superhero from Philadelphia defies death five times and becomes "spokescat" for pets in need.

Like many rescue cats, Batgirl was found alone in the street and was taken to a high-kill shelter in Philadelphia

She was malnourished and couldn't see due to an eye infection. Her chances of survival were slim. She would probably be killed later that same day. 

Linda Walker, who worked at the shelter where Batgirl was residing, fell in love with her and decided to foster her for the time being.

black cat with one eye

Batgirl required a good deal of veterinary care to get somewhat healthy again. She will never be 100%. Her eye infection cleared up, but her left eyelids are permanently fused to her cornea, giving her an adorable, squinty stare. Her skull is malformed and her left nasal cavity is mostly bone while her right is filled with fluid.

Despite her many health issues and special needs, it was obvious to Walker that Batgirl wasn't going to be a mere foster cat. "After a couple of months, a friend asked me when she would be available for adoption because she had someone who was interested," Walker says. "I felt like I was going to throw up. That moment solidified what I already knew: Batgirl was going to be a permanent part of my family."

cat with tongue

She has since become a "spokescat" for special needs animals

Through her Facebook page, Batgirl also warns cat owners for potential hazards, such as dangling strings and shoelaces. Batgirl was particularly fond of a braided shoelace, and Walker took it away from her after she noticed pieces of the string were missing. Unfortunately, this preventive action didn't happen soon enough. Batgirl ended up requiring emergency surgery after pieces of the shoelace became lodged in her intestine. It was only one of the five times in which she defied death.

She truly is a superhero.

vampire cat with wings
cat dressed-up for christmas

foster cats

Cat from Sevastopol {Ukraine}

cats sevastopol ukraine

Cat photo submitted by Ingrid Jorgensen. Ingrid recounts her real life travel adventures in a dozen European countries in her book Go East!

Cat from Brussels {Belgium}

Cat from Brussels, Belgium
Cat from Brussels, Belgium

I found this black cat in front of the restaurant Le Vieux Bruxelles in the Rue des Bouchers in Brussels, Belgium. The Rue des Bouchers is a pedestrian street lined on both sides with restaurants. It's particularly cozy to walk through during the summer months when everyone is dining outside and clams, mussels, oysters, and lobsters are presented on large displays. 

The restaurants here are generally mediocre, though, and serve mainly seafood plates and typical Belgian dishes such as steak frites, boudins, tomates aux crevettes, and filet américain. Because of the resident cat, a TripAdvisor reviewer called Le vieux Bruxelles a "CAT-astrophe". Of course, for cat lovers, this would be a good reason to visit.

Cat from Wingrave {England}

turkish van cat wingrave

Is this England's meanest cat?

Residents in Wingrave, Buckinghamshire, carry water pistols for protection against this five-year-old Turkish Van. One victim spent six days in hospital after Oscar the cat mauled his right arm and sank his teeth into his left thumb all the way to the bone. Describing Oscar as 'ferocious', the victim, Mr. Ridgeway, adds: “He can be very aggressive and will attack dogs and people around the village.”

“Children can't walk down the alley to the school,” says another resident. “They all know about the cat and they are all frightened it's going to get them.”

His behavior is so bad even the cat sitter refuses to help out.

When the Turkish Van went missing for a few days, villagers were relieved. Unfortunately, the 'Lion of Wingrave' returned. 

 Only owner Caroline Hughes says Oscar is a sweetheart. “He's so lovable he even appeared in an Ikea advert in 2010.”

Oscar is now under house arrest.

Source: DailyMail