February 2013 - Traveling Cats - Travel Pictures of Cats

Cat from Koningslo {Belgium}

Cat from Koningslo, Belgium
Cat from Koningslo, Belgium
Cat from Koningslo, Belgium

Is this Europe's fattest cat?

He can hardly move himself forward... Is unable to groom himself... And is on a diet....

Cat from Talamanca {Ibiza}

Cat from Talamanca, Ibiza

Last year in May, I visited my cousin, Kate, who lives and works on Ibiza. My early mornings on Ibiza centred around the balcony of Kate's apartment or on one of the sun loungers near the private swimming pool. For hours, I sat there with my notebook and laptop, filling in email interviews for the promotion of my latest release, A Good Man, and sprouting ideas for new stories. Kate's cat, Romea (with an 'a' because it's a female), never failed to keep me company.

Do you want to meet Romea too? You can. The apartments in the complex where my cousin lives, Apartamento Lujo Marina Botafoch, are being rented to tourists. You can find more photos and booking info here.

From then on, the only thing you need to do is lounge around the swimming pool. You can rest assured that Romea will be keeping you company.