Cat from Lavonia {USA}

dock cat
dock cat
james dock

"My husband and I brought our house cat with us on vacation for the first time to visit my 90-year-old grandmother in Lavonia, Georgia. He has never been outside before because we live in a condo in St. Pete, Florida but he finally got to experience the outdoors for the first time!" says Traveling Cats reader Kayla Fletcher. "This traveling cat loves to chill by the dock and listen to the birds and fish splashing in the water nearby."

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Cat from Cadaqués {Spain}


Salvador Dalί used to live in Cadaqués and his eccentric house is now open to the public. Once you've been there, you'll probably want to call Cadaqués your home as well. This former little fishing village is super cozy with its cobblestone stairs leading up the hill, its whitewashed houses, and street cats around every corner. At the foot of the village, you can enjoy a sangria at one of the many bars or restaurants while watching the sunset over the Mediterranean Sea. Have a look at more pictures of Cadaqués here.
Cat pictures submitted by Dimitri Pletinckx.

Previous cats of Cadaqués here and here.

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a steet cat named bob

Cat from Sint-Amandsberg {Belgium}

cat with yellow background
woonzorgcentrum het heiveld sint-amandsberg
woonzorgcentrum het heiveld
cat in elderly home
sheba the cat
het heiveld woonzorgcentrum
het heiveld
cat with piercing green eyes
cat with stunning green eyes
residential care centre belgium
het heiveld foto's
walking cat
sint-amandsberg gent woonzorgcentrum
residential care centre cat
sint-amandsberg kat

This past weekend, the short film based on my story Next to Her (aka Avalon) was shot. It's the story of an elderly man, Maurice, who visits his wife with dementia at the hospital. A shared lunch is all they have left, but his wife's thoughts drift off towards the ghost of her cat, Avalon, whose picture sits on the bed stand 'next to her'. As Maurice gets more frustrated with his wife's behavior, the fine line between nurturing and torturing is easily crossed.

 The majority of Next to Her was lensed at the resident care centre Het Heiveld in Sint-Amandsberg, Belgium. Turned out Het Heiveld has a cat: Sheba. The cat loves to stroll through the hallways, peeps into the rooms, sunbathes in the garden, and keeps the elderly residents company at the refectory during lunch time. His food and water bowls sit together with a small scratching post next to the reception area. By following the cat around, I also discovered he has his own room with an even bigger cat tree. At the refectory is a framed picture of the cat. “Sheba is really kind and likes cuddles. We all love him,” one of the residents said.

 You can read the story on which the film is based here. You can see pictures of the film set here.

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