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Cats from Phuket {Thailand}

cats of phuket

During a visit of Phuket in Thailand, you will doubtlessly see many cats and dogs on the roads, in store fronts, and near the temples. While a large number of these pets have owners, plenty of others are left to fend for themselves.

These communal cats got abandoned once they've outgrown their cute kitten stage or are the result of allowing cats to breed unchecked. Despite their hardships, the majority of communal cats and dogs are very friendly.

phuket cemetery cat

Many tourists want to help the communal cats by feeding them. However, doing so in the proximity of hotels and restaurants can have unfavorable consequences for these animals because they are seen as a nuisance and are believed to negatively impact customer satisfaction.

sad kitty
phuket cats

Yet there are many more ways in which you can help.

If you come across a sick or injured pet in Phuket, you can call Soi Dog Foundation for assistance (081/788.4222), as they'll be happy to bring them to a vet and nurse them back to health.

You're also welcome to visit their facility in Phuket. During the guided tours that take place four times a day, a guide will show you around the cat and dog hospitals, introduce you to the more than 700 (!) animals that are being rehabilitated, and tell you about the history of the Soi Dog Foundation and how they are fighting the dog meat trade in Asia. You can find out more about them and their guided tours here.

Cat photos by Catherine Lawrence

Have you ever visited Phuket, Thailand? How did you help the communal cats and dogs?

phuket cat

the cat rescue diaries

Cats from Tokyo {Japan}

shinjuku cats

Shinjuku and its night district, Kabukicho, are home to a large number of felines. You won't see the cats during the day, but around five o'clock in the morning, they come out to scrounge a few leftovers in the garbage bags of the many restaurants.

Several of these cats have tipped ears. The veterinarians do this to recognize the ones that have been spayed and neutered.

garbage cat
where is the cat
cat looking at legs

Many cats look for freshness in the bars of the Golden gaï.

cats up to no good
karaoke bar cat

Many clients of these bars sleep in the streets while waiting for their first train. Some cats do the same.

find the cat
cats stealing food from garbage bag
beautiful black cat with yellow eyes
black cat with one eye

Not sure where to find tomcats in the area? Look for signs announcing it's forbidden to feed the cats. They are usually a good indication.

shinjuku neko

Early in the morning, people go to the park of Shinjuku for a session of tai-chi. Quite a lot of cats live in the park, so don't be surprised if they join in for a lesson.

yoga cats

Text and cat pictures: Neko Land: Une Vie de Chat Au Japon

une vie de chat

Cats from Istanbul {Turkey}

rainbow steps istanbul

This is a guest post by Jessica Norah from Independent Travel Cats

I have been fortunate to be able to travel frequently as a travel writer and I love seeing cats in all the places I visit. Istanbul definitely stands out as a city with lots of cat memories for me. Cats are everywhere in Turkey, and Istanbul, as the country’s largest city, is filled with cats. In fact, it has been jokingly called Catstantinople (a play on the city’s former name of Constantinople).

cats of istanbul

The vast majority of cats in Istanbul are not pets or housecats, but they are not exactly uncared for strays either. Many people in the local community take care of the street cats. We frequently came across bowls and pots full of water and food as we wandered around the city, set out by people to feed the local cats. Some people also set up boxes for the cats to sleep in and some mosques have even been opened for cats to spend the night during the cold winter months. (Sadly the stray dogs of Istanbul do not seem nearly as well cared for compared to the cats.)

cats turkey
cats of istanbul

Why are the stray cats looked after? Turkey is today a predominately Muslim country and it is believed by many Muslims that cats should be respected and taken care of and not hurt. For example, there is a story that the prophet Muhammad found a cat had settled on the sleeve of his robe and instead of disturbing the cat, he tore that part of his robe off. Religion aside, there is also a tradition of caring for the cats of Istanbul that is passed from parents to children who continue to put out food and water for the local felines. Of course, not all people in Istanbul (Muslim or not) care for the cats and life as a stray cat in a city is still a pretty rough life. The life expectancy of a stray cat is significantly less than a domestic cat kept as a pet; however, many of the cats of Istanbul are able to survive due to the generosity of its people. A recent documentary, Kedi, is a good one to watch to learn more and see the cats of Istanbul.

cats of istanbul
cats of istanbul
cats of istanbul
cats of istanbul

The cats can be found in every part of Istanbul. You’ll find them enjoying the sun along the river, cuddled up in boxes, dumpster diving, fighting, playing, and sneaking around under the market stalls in this large and chaotic city. One kitty even lives in one of the world’s most famous mosques (Gil of the Hagia Sophia). Some of the cats were friendly and affectionate – bounding up the stairs for pets and hopes of food, and others were quite skittish and kept away. Sitting down at an outdoor café and restraint and ordering a meat or fish dish is almost a surefire way to attract a street cat with begging eyes. The cats are a variety of breeds, shapes, and colors, their ancestors likely having arrived from all over the world into the city’s port as sailors would traditionally keep cats on their ships to kill the rodents.

We have visited Istanbul twice so far and both times have enjoyed seeing and photographing the feline residents! We definitely recommend taking the time to look out for the cats if you are in Istanbul.

cuddling cats

Jessica Norah is a full-time travel blogger at Independent Travel Cats who currently lives in Edinburgh Scotland with his husband Laurence. Sadly she had to leave her own two cats (Dodger and Dash) in the U.S. when she moved to the UK, but she goes back to visit them as much as she can, and adopts kitty friends throughout her travels around the world.

cats of istanbul
cats of istanbul
istanbul colored stairs

Cat from Brighton {Australia}

king beach cat

Are you going to Brighton Beach in Australia this weekend? Chances are you'll come across King the beach cat.

But don't expect to be the only one to want to pet him, because this champagne-colored tabby has become a bit of a legend around this coastal suburb of Adelaide.

You see, King needs his daily dose of "vitamin sea." He can often be seen lounging on the benches overlooking Brighton Beach and brushing along the legs of alfresco diners on Jetty Road.

king beach brighton cat

He belongs to Milly, 8, who says King can sometimes go missing for days and then come back when he's really hungry. If his family wants to spend quality time with him, they have to go to the beach.

King is very friendly and can often be found playing with tourists. "Normally, if we're with him, a lot of people come and ask if they can pet our cat," his owner says.

brighton cats
brighton beach

King has a tag on his collar letting people know that he goes to the beach during the day but comes home at night. Yet people often call his number on the other side of his tag to report finding him. It's nice that people do that.

However, no one needs to worry, because King is exactly where he wants to be: on his favorite Brighton Beach. 

Source: Adelaide Now 

brighton beach cat

Cat from Stamford {England}

Cecil the cat from The William Cecil Hotel in Stamford

Some cats are born to be couch potatoes, others become famous for running a hotel.

Meet Cecil, the feline manager of the charming country retreat The William Cecil in Stamford, England.

Cecil's main area of expertise is managing the hotel terrace and making sure guests are having the times of their lives. Contrary to many other cats, Cecil thinks dogs are cool, too, so he made The William Cecil dog-friendly.

Would you like to be Cecil's guest and enjoy a glass of wine in his company? You can find more information about The William Cecil and book your stay here.

Cats from Riga {Latvia}

riga photo project
cat eyes

Look Into Abandoned Cats’ Eyes: Photographer From Riga Captured Homeless Cats Around The City

Riga-based photographer Andris Andrejuks created an interesting photo project, showing the lives of street cats in Riga, Latvia. Each photo invites you to look into the eyes of fluffy friends in need of human assistance.

Photographer Andris Andrejuks says photo shooting is not his day job, but it is his passion since childhood. During his free time, he photographs nature, animals, and events. One of the most striking adventures became this photo project of the street cats of Riga.

photo project riga
photo project
photo shoot riga
cats photo shoot

"This particular photo shoot focuses on abandoned pets. After the summer season, cat and dog owners leave their pets behind, not thinking about their fate and the upcoming winter. For the majority of abandoned pets, it turns out to be their last month of life," says photographer Andris Andrejuks as he describes the photo shoot.

photo project cats
cats photo project
photo shoot cats
cats latvia
cats latvia
cats of latvia

With this photo shoot, Andris Andrejuks hopes people will think about their pets' fate by looking deep into their eyes.

riga latvia photo shoot
riga latvia photo project

If you’ve got time to help, the kitties will thank you! If you like our story, please SHARE it! We would very much appreciate that.

andris andrejuks
andris andrejuks photographer
photographer riga
photographer latvia
latvia photographer
riga photographer
cat latvia
latvia cat
cat eyes photo shoot
cat's eyes photography

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