Cats from Porto {Portugal}

porto portugal
cat close-up
porto portugal
porto portugal
porto portugal
porto portugal
porto portugal
porto portugal
cat paw close-up
porto portugal
cat half hidden
cat paws close-up
cat extreme close-up
porto portugal
cat face close-up
porto portugal

Porto is Portugal's second largest city and is built into the surrounding hillside cliffs, overlooking the Douro river. Picturesque and charismatic, with an endless supply of treasures waiting to be discovered by the avid traveler, the city is best explored on foot. The city is one of Europe's best kept secrets and is filled with history, monuments, and a thriving, cosmopolitan downtown area. With everything that Porto has to offer, this charming city is well worth a visit.

Cat pictures: Claudia Mannes / Text: Porto 55 Secrets

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Cat from Lisbon {Portugal}

Miradouro de Santa Luzia Lisbon Portugal
miradouro de santa luzia lisbon
miradouro de santa luzia
miradouro de santa luzia cat

Located near the access road up to the Castelo de Sao Jorge is one of the prettiest lookout points of Lisbon: the Miradouro de Santa Luzia. From here, you can oversee the Tagus and the terracotta rooftops of the Alfama district. Of course, knowing you, you'll probably be more interested in the local cat.

Cat pictures by Claudia Mannes

P.S. More cats of Lisbon.

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Cats from Bandung {Indonesia}

cats of bandung indonesia
cats of bandung
bandung cats
bandung sunset
dogs of bandung

This is a guest post by Jyotsna Ramani from Wander with Jo.

These pictures are taken in Resor Dago Pakar - which is a lovely exclusive area in North Bandung, Indonesia. During my 11 months in Bandung, I stayed there for around 2 months and enjoyed every bit of it. On one of my usual evening walks, I decided to carry my camera - it was a good call. First I found these two cats fighting - street fighter style. After I walked a bit further, I found this adorable family with a cat and her 3 kittens. I was also rewarded with a beautiful sunset and, of course, you always meet a dog when you go for a walk (Though, I was wearing a cat t-shirt -does that count? ). 

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Cats from Su Pallosu {Sardinia}

su pallosu sardinia cats beach
su pallosu sardinia cats
su pallosu sardinia
su pallosu cats
su pallosu
su pallosu sardinia beach
colony of cats sardinia
colony of cats su pallosu sardinia
colony of cats su pallosu
cat colony sardinia

Su Pallosu is a town with only six residents and no shops or hotels. Yet it is a top tourist attraction on Sardinia thanks to its colony of cats.

Cats have been roaming the beach of Su Pallosu for over a century now. Fishermen introduced them onto Sardinia to keep the rat problem in check. Nowadays, the non-profit organization I Gatti di Su Pallosu cares for the colony while also arranging free guided tours. During these tours, visitors get to see the cats' feeding area as well as the turtle beach and the Gianni Atzori Mineral Collection. Of course, there's plenty of time to cuddle the cats which are all tame and friendly. Because of its success, it's advised to book at least one week in advance.

In 2016, TripAdvisor gave this feline attraction the Certificate of Excellence.

More info, pictures and booking information at Su Pallosu's Colony Cats.

Source: Daily Mail

Cats from Cannes {France}

cannes old town café restaurant
cannes café los farolés
café los farolés
romero look alike
cannes look alike romero
cannes los farolés
cannes riviera immo
katten van cannes
black cat on chair
cannes cute kitten
cannes cute kittens
black cat green background
cannes cats
cannes old town

Around the old town of Cannes, there's a small café restaurant where cats rule: Café Los Farolés.

The cats walk in and out of the café as if they were waiters. They play and fight and then fall asleep on a chair next to the tourists.

"They're all feral cats but they come to Los Farolés for food. At night, they head over to the plaza in front of the café to sleep," the owner of Los Farolés says. "They all love to cuddle; only the tuxedo is a little anxious."

You will find Los Farolés on the corner of the Rue de Pré in Cannes. Check out customer reviews here.

Many thanks to Gilles Vranckx for the tip and cat pictures 2, 3, 10 and 11.

More cats of Cannes: Cats of Les pins d'Alep and Cats of the Croisette

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