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Cats from Venice {Italy}

ponte storto venice

Venice in Italy has plenty of places where the most beautiful cats pose against a backdrop of picturesque alleys and canals. You just have to know where to find them.

One of these wonderful spots is Ponte Storto, where you'll meet the three Maine Coon cats Sadhna, Felix, and Rudolf.

“They truly own the place,” says Marianna Zampieri, who photographed these animals for Cats in Venice, a project that denotes the feline heritage of the city through pictures and stories that link individual cats to places where it is easy to find them. “They are perfect models, spoiled by passersby and never in need of cuddles. They only add to the beauty of Ponte Storto.”

ponte storto cats
cats in venice
cats in venice

Sadhna and Felix are the mom and dad.

cats in venice
sadhna gatto
sadhna cat
felix gatto

Rudolf is their baby son. He was initially called Ciumpo but was renamed afterward.

rudolf gatto

“Sadhna, Felix, and Rudolf are the first cats I photographed in Venice,” says Zampieri. “I took so many photos that I thought I'd ask more information about them through Facebook, and so my project Cats in Venice started. I still go cuddle them whenever I can.”

gatti venice
gatto venice

Have you ever visited Venice and Ponte Storto? Have you met Sadhna, Felix, and Rudolf?

Check out Marianna Zampieri's previous project C-AT Work.

venice ponte storto
maine coon italy
maine coon venice
maine coons venice

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Cats from Tokyo {Japan}

koenji cats

The Koenji district in Tokyo is known for its thrift stores and fashion boutiques. You won't see many cats in the shopping streets, but if you stroll through the surrounding alleys, you will meet many cats that are doing the rounds of the garbage bins.

koenji cat
cat jumping on wall
cat playing hide and seek
very handsome cat

Text and cat pictures: Neko Land: Une Vie de Chat Au Japon

livre sur les chats

Cat from Kortrijk {Belgium}

beste cafe kortrijk

Some of us are homebodies, while others spend their days at the bar. Cats aren't any different.

René is one of those cats that prefers life at the café over staying home. His favorite hangout? De Dingen in Kortrijk, Belgium.

“René is the boss. He keeps the café open, but he also sleeps a lot,” says an employee.

Most of the time, though, René sits at the bar, waiting to be served a saucer of milk. He loves this white, liquid delicacy so much he reacts strongly to the word. Whenever you order something with “melk” (the Dutch word for “milk”), you are guaranteed to have René's attention.

He also loves human company and can often be found sleeping next to one of the customers. He even sleeps on people's laps.

kortrijk cafe de dingen
de dingen budastraat kortrijk

Apart from its milk-obsessed cat, De Dingen in Kortrijk is also known for being a place where you can drink organic beers, enjoy an alfresco breakfast, and... trade your second-hand stuff, hence the name of the café, De Dingen, which is Dutch for “things.” This means you can take home one of the second-hand objects as long as you interchange it for something else.

Of course, now we all wonder if René the cat can be swapped as well...

katten poezen
de dingen kortrijk
kortrijk de dingen

Address: Cafe De Dingen, Budastraat 12, 8500 Kortrijk, Belgium

Open from Tuesday to Sunday from 11:30 am to 1:00 am

Click here for more photos, reviews, and directions.

vedett bier

Cat photos by Gilles Vranckx

leuke kattenverhalen

Cats from Bangkok {Thailand}

cats of bangkok

"Recently, I visited Thailand. It's a fantastic country and I had an amazing time," says photographer Catherine Lawrence. "There are so many interesting things to see and the Thai people were incredibly friendly and welcoming, so I wanted to celebrate some of the wonderful stray cats that brought an extra special smile to my face each and every day."

"The most common hangout seemed to be the temples, where these masters of charm could delight visitors like me, who can't resist a cute little ginger, tabby or tortoiseshell," says Lawrence. "Here, they tended to be more confident, used to seeing crowds of people on a daily basis. Elsewhere, you could spot a lazy cat basking in the afternoon sunshine on a shop step, or a pair of shiny eyes peeping out from behind a car. In the three cities I visited - Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Phuket - the street cats of Thailand were a firm favorite with locals and tourists alike, no more so than with me."

bangkok cat
cats in bangkok
ginger cat bangkok
white and ginger cat bangkok
bangkok sleeping cat
white cat bangkok
bangkok cats

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Cats from Phuket {Thailand}

cats of phuket

During a visit of Phuket in Thailand, you will doubtlessly see many cats and dogs on the roads, in store fronts, and near the temples. While a large number of these pets have owners, plenty of others are left to fend for themselves.

These communal cats got abandoned once they've outgrown their cute kitten stage or are the result of allowing cats to breed unchecked. Despite their hardships, the majority of communal cats and dogs are very friendly.

phuket cemetery cat

Many tourists want to help the communal cats by feeding them. However, doing so in the proximity of hotels and restaurants can have unfavorable consequences for these animals because they are seen as a nuisance and are believed to negatively impact customer satisfaction.

sad kitty
phuket cats

Yet there are many more ways in which you can help.

If you come across a sick or injured pet in Phuket, you can call Soi Dog Foundation for assistance (081/788.4222), as they'll be happy to bring them to a vet and nurse them back to health.

You're also welcome to visit their facility in Phuket. During the guided tours that take place four times a day, a guide will show you around the cat and dog hospitals, introduce you to the more than 700 (!) animals that are being rehabilitated, and tell you about the history of the Soi Dog Foundation and how they are fighting the dog meat trade in Asia. You can find out more about them and their guided tours here.

Cat photos by Catherine Lawrence

Have you ever visited Phuket, Thailand? How did you help the communal cats and dogs?

phuket cat

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Cats from Tokyo {Japan}

shinjuku cats

Shinjuku and its night district, Kabukicho, are home to a large number of felines. You won't see the cats during the day, but around five o'clock in the morning, they come out to scrounge a few leftovers in the garbage bags of the many restaurants.

Several of these cats have tipped ears. The veterinarians do this to recognize the ones that have been spayed and neutered.

garbage cat
where is the cat
cat looking at legs

Many cats look for freshness in the bars of the Golden gaï.

cats up to no good
karaoke bar cat

Many clients of these bars sleep in the streets while waiting for their first train. Some cats do the same.

find the cat
cats stealing food from garbage bag
beautiful black cat with yellow eyes
black cat with one eye

Not sure where to find tomcats in the area? Look for signs announcing it's forbidden to feed the cats. They are usually a good indication.

shinjuku neko

Early in the morning, people go to the park of Shinjuku for a session of tai-chi. Quite a lot of cats live in the park, so don't be surprised if they join in for a lesson.

yoga cats

Text and cat pictures: Neko Land: Une Vie de Chat Au Japon

une vie de chat

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