Cats from Seoul {South Korea}

visiting cat attac in seoul

What should a cat lover do when in South Korea? Visit a cat bar, of course. One of the more popular cat bars is Cat Attic which has now several branches across South Korea. The cat pictures above are from the Cat Attic in Seoul.

Cat pictures submitted by: Bart Vodderie

cat attic seoul
cat attic seoul south korea
cat attic south korea
cat attic
koyani tarakbang
cat bar seoul
cat bar seoul south korea
cat bar south korea
cat bar
seoul cat bar
seoul south korea cat bar
south korea cat bar
seoul cat attic
seoul south korea cats attic
south korea cat attic
cat attic
cat attic seoul
cat attic seoul south korea
cat attic south korea
sphynx cat
spynx cat bar
cat attic cat bar

Other cat bars in South Korea here and here.

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Cat from Hobbiton {New Zealand}

hobbiton hobbit house
hobbiton movie set tours
real hobbit house
hobbiton new zealand
hobbiton pickles
pickles hobbit cat

Any fans of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit here? Then you'll probably know that you can visit 'real' hobbit houses in New Zealand as part of the Hobbiton Movie Set Tour. The place even has a name: Hobbiton.

The Hobbiton Movie Set Tour starts with a drive through a picturesque sheep farm with spectacular views across the Kaimai ranges. You can then visit the hobbit houses, the Green Dragon Inn, the mill, and the party tree.

When visiting the Shire Hobbiton, make sure to be on the lookout for Pickles. He's the calico cat that lives in and around the hobbit houses.

More info and pictures of Hobbiton and the Hobbiton Movie Set Tour are available at TripAdvisor.

If you want to stay a while, you can check into one of these nearby hotels or inns.

hobbiton cat

Cats from Pampaneira {Spain}

kissing cats
pampaneira spain
pampaneira spain
pampaneira spain

The village of Pampaneira, in the Spanish Alpujarras, is still a largely unexplored destination. Yet almost all the travel photos of this mountain village have three things in common: picturesque whitewashed houses, magnificent views of the surrounding hills, and... cats slinging down the alleys. While these cats may not be Pampaneira's main tourist attraction, their omnipresence is definitely an advantage. 

By the way, if you're in Pampaneira, you should also visit the nearby village of Capileira and its cats

Many thanks to Claudia Mannes of the travel blog Kleinplanet311 for submitting these endearing photos of cats in Pampaneira, Spain.

angel cats

Cats from Saint-Josse-ten-Noode {Belgium}

mangakat cafe
manga cafe belgium
mangakat cafe belgium
cat cafe belgium
weird cat
manga cafe with cats
ginger cat cafe
cats cleaning plate
sacre de birmanie
plum manga cafe
oh my cats
cat cafe manga cafe
chi manga cafe
cats cafe belgium

Belgium may be small, but it already counts two cat cafés. The newest one, Mangakat Café, opened only recently, in february 2015, in the Brussels' borough Saint-Josse-ten-Noode. I stopped by yesterday and ended up reading cat manga the entire evening in the company of six adorable felines. 

 As the name Mangakat suggests, this is not your usual cat café. In fact, it's equally a manga café. They have a large selection of several types of manga that you can read for free while enjoying a drink and a piece of pie. Of course, Mangakat Café has its fair share of cat manga, too. They have my absolute favorite, Plum, but I ended up discovering and reading new ones, such as Oh My Cats! and Nyanpire

 The Mangakat Café is located in a gorgeous heritage building and gives you the impression that you're in someone's living room. It's super cozy to say the least. They have six cats: Yomi, Luz, Yuki, Lord, Sophie, and Domingo - all adopted from the pet shelters Veeweyde and Animal sans logis. They're a combination of young and old, but they have all been chosen based on their sociable behavior.

 On the food and drinks front, you have a large selection of tea and the usual drinks, as well as quiche and pie. Tip: order quiche if you want some serious feline attention!

 At walking distance from the metro station Botanique in the center of Brussels, Mangakat Café is also situated in the same building as De Ultieme Hallucinatie, a restaurant famous for its Art Nouveau decoration and vintage train seats. Ideally, you take an apéritif at the cat café/manga café first and then head downstairs for a meal at De Ultieme Hallucinatie. However, chances are you'll want to spend your entire evening at the Mangakat Café. 

 Look up Mangakat Café on TripAdvisor for more information and pictures.

P.S. Have you seen our post on the cat café Le Chat Touille in Brussels?

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belgium short film

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